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Monday, 23 January 2006


The marvels of Faery cannot be approached without danger.
[J.R.R.T. , SoWM]

Skeat says of the word 'Fairy' that it is from the Middle English 'fairie', or 'fayre'; meaning 'enchantment'.

He says that the modern meaning [i.e., 'a mythical small being with mythical powers'] is wrong.

The modern meaning rather appertains to the name 'fay', which is obviously related.

Both fay and fairy ultimately derive from the Latin word 'fatum', i.e., fate.

The literal meaning of 'fatum' was that which is spoken.

The Indo-European root is *bha-, meaning 'to speak clearly, to proclaim' [cf., English 'ban', a proclamation]

Let's re-enchant our worlds.

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