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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mystery Woman

Mystery woman of the East,

What beast could resist your charm-ed eye,

Nightside tresses and flowing.

Jawline sublime - untroubled skin

And regal cheekbones on high?

They undercrown those seeing orbs

By which you rule and terrify with

My abject heart so weak and western.

Black crow I cannot rebuke the trouble you sow

Erotic. despotic, amid the flow

Of tyrannical, fascistic glow and show;

I am transported by this dunmost brune,

With the darkest of roots and the whitest of suits;

Of lip-licking subtefuge and cunning,

Linguistic wordplay beneath arches of piss-

Soaked walls, emblazoned with obscenities.

What curious strains of verisimilitude

Could warp the weft of her extremities?

She sashayed across the place in complete animus grace,

With bare arms, dimpled charms and Amazon face.

Forget the blonde, I can only respond

To the ochre eyed kind, the darkness of the race.

Exterminate common squalor!

Flush the stinking hordes into the gutter,

Water cannon wipe-out these worms!

Only the gods perspire perfume

Shit gold and piss bourbon.

It is this that we worship

In music and blood.

Olympus has been run derelict

And the maggots have been allowed

To flourish in monotheist neglect.

Stone goddess of the latrines,

Urania of the urinals.

Green slime climbs

Imperceptibly your concrete pedestals

While rancor entwines

The smashed nostrils of your

Flawed statuette.

Not bronze but brick and mortar

Builds your your temple

And so motalises you

Iin the eys of your disenchanted


In this zone of Aphrodite

This rusted chain of Chastity

This fleshless enormity of

Empathies lack. Where is the

Inveterate sweat of mammalian

Excess? Oozing armpit hair

And septum glistening?

Bruis-ed lips and hooded eyes

Which flash in bashful surprise.

A pudenda most moist in

Olafactory heat.

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