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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Musing After Getting One's Fingers Burned

You need energy to have great ideas?
How many great ideas were borne of idleness?
Great ideas are servants to truths.
The former sweat and toil while the latter luxuriate.

It is better to know nothing than to know really useful things.

I will never believe in a god who can't dance - [Nietzsche]

Only the pagan gods are worth worshipping - because by doing so we worship ourselves in all our imperfections.

There is, and has never been, a 'healthy' music.
A subdued rage, music is born of sickness.

Circe used sound for good reason - there is no greater lure for men.
It makes pigs of us all.

Sound and fury signifying ... the empty percussive sound his tongue makes when it strikes his palette mid platitude?

Peace is not easing but dis-easing ...

Filthy money furthers music's infection. Circe again.

Originality in art?

Whole lot of 'Grangerism' going on!

Keep it simple?
There is nothing simple about 'it'.

Is it really best to say nothing about that which one cannot speak?

We want neither pessimism nor optimism; - what, do we want neither power nor its lack?

We want truth, fools that we are.

Justice herself is not deemed but demeaned, for she is ever - like her sister, Truth, - irredeemable.

Everybody has one book in them, and it may not even be theirs. Just another footnote to Plato.

How can one 'revalue all values' when one still esteems?
Such a revaluation requires a profound and searching ... Nihilism.

Esteem no-thing.

'Christianity is Platonism for the People' - [Nietzsche]

It is the Bible that makes the English so English, and therefore so moral, and so ... mediocre.

Beauty isn't moral - i.e., good or bad; therefore nor are deeds beautiful or ugly.

Eliminate your means so as to reduce your ends, i.e., your desire? - but is that not too a ... desire?

Only ex-istence which cuts against the grain stands out - all else is swallowed up by the warp and weft.

And alternatives evoke further alternatives, ad infinitum ... the exponentiality of words.
We are free in our dreams, and so do we wake therefore into chains?
To 'live unseen' does not mean to live hidden.
The most famous are the most unknown, while every worm is tagged and logged.

Axe Eye: the eye is the first instrument, the first creation of thought.
It cuts a lucid swathe into swart existence.
'Friend' and 'fiend' are from the same root.
Nietzsche said that if truth is a woman, then [male] philosophers have proved themselves to be hopeless woowers of women.
This existence is just a hairline crack in the vast eternal wall of nothingness.
And death is a plasterer. 

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