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Friday, 27 April 2012


Bill Boethius 27 April 2012 · Pantokrator and Tablet. [Pencil]
Bill Boethius 27 April 2012 · Pantokrator Manifesto. [Pencil]
Bill Boethius 21 April 2012 · Linear Study for Pantokrator. [Pencil]. This was drawn during a serious bout of Melancholia, yesterday, when I doubted whether I could carry on. Every mark was agonised over, every line adjusted and readjusted and readjusted again for what seemed like an eternity. All the while I laboured through the darkest of mental clouds, thinking continually of the Melancolia 1 by Durer: I don't think such a drawing can come any other way. I put it in this album because it has something of the Ikon representations of Khrist Pantokrator.

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