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Thursday, 3 May 2012


Three-ition [Colour pencils, some pastels and acrylic] The title is a lame pun on tu-ition. I was thinking of being self taught, as one always inevitably is, and how that common phrase "self taught" implies a schizoid state. The self portrait could symbolise such self two-ition. And yet here there is a third self, relating no doubt to the trinity - the father, the son, and the holy spirit, which is combined in one self - this is my three-ition, a tragic version of the trinity. Tragic, because we live in a culture which insists on one-ition, particularly in England. How else is it that Blake is still not respected as a painter in his own land? Because he was a great poet, it cannot be possible that he is also a great painter, say the lords of one-ition. Austin Spare likewise. I believe his rejection was due to him being a great occultist, he couldn't be great painter too. And because England places poetry far higher than painting, then Blake is revered primarily as a poet and Spare known as an occultist. And yet these two men were amongst the greatest painters that ever lived. And two always makes three. Because Blake was great as a poet and a painter, then that makes him a third thing ... that is the holy spirit. And that is three-ition.

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