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Monday, 23 March 2015

Bill Boethius & Dali's Car [first album]

The first Dali's Car album draws on the blues roots. Like so many, I began playing guitar because I wanted to play blues, although I didn't know it was the blues. I then went the various roots of trying to play rock and jazz, and then studied classical. But I now realise that it is not about notes and chords etc., - it is about *sound*. Most guitarists play too many notes and not enough sounds. So this album shows my transition from notes to sounds. Droning Earth picked the tracks and put this album out first. I love their vision and their embrace of the experimental. Music is sound experiments - I just happen to use guitar and bass at the moment. But I am lead by sound and by the accidental. There is little difference between casting the runes and playing guitar. Hence the runes on this album's cover.

Bill Boethius & Dali's Car: Devil's Music Suite [album]

The tracks on this album actually predate Dali's Car, and go back two years. They are all essentially blues pieces, and try to tell the story of the blues as I see it. This is the springboard to the experiments of Dali's Car.

Bill Boethius & Dali's Car: Black Aphelia [album]

Here is Dali's Car niche. Spacey pieces where the blues becomes history, and sound is the future. All the confines of the blues and music are rejected in favour of all that is free, floating and aleatoric. This is the real Dali's Car.

Bill Boethius & Dali's Car: Spaced In ... [album]

This album shows how guitar based pieces link to the full blown space sound exploration of Dali's Car.