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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Blues under Saturn - Space Guitar collection by Bill Boethius & Dali's Car

This album is a collection of recent space guitar pieces. They are essentially the outcome of my voyages into the various levels of the cosmos. The sounds themselves are diary notes which grow and accumulate on the virtual page. They then signal when they are complete, when I publish and title them. The title usually results in a short poem. The album cover is from my artwork. Even so, I feel a strange detachment from my albums, as if I didn't create them. I am being guided by external spiritual forces who live in space. The spirits who inhabit space are awesome.
Hendrix is there, amongst them all.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Spectral Limbo

This album shows a different way of working. Usually I layer sound on sound. I am as much a producer and editor as I am a player - indeed, the latter is the lesser. Here though, I just took a Yamaha elecric guitar and played it through a Korg synth. I played for around an hour, and then listened back to the recording. I could hear the necessary episodes in it, and new there were a series of pieces in there which needed to be hewn from the marble. So I became editor again, but tried to avoid layering. I added a drum machine beat on track, a bass on another, and some faux acoustic on another. Other than that, they are electric guitar solos.