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Thursday, 8 March 2012


Bill Boethius 8 March 2012 · Victimhood. March 2012. Pastels. Here my bruis-ed head is skewed and stuck into something like a stocks formed by a giant skull. There my battered visage can be safely mocked and insulted by all and sundry. I am helpless. A victim. One against the jeering mob and their scapegoating group-think. Until quite recently stocks were still in use. In Trafalgar Square, where the Charles 1st statue is, once boasted a stocks. And yet mobbing continues, the mentality remains. This pictures depicts the fate of all those who prefer not to belong to cliques, groups, movements, mobs, crowds and so forth. And yet I firmly believe that the price is worth paying. I would rather be alone in the stocks than in the mob lobbing rocks.

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